Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Emergency Phones in NJ

With safety being the number one priority in today's society, emergency phones in NJ are a valuable addition to a necessity for any single or multiple building campus area. 

T&R Alarm Systems' emergency phones helps citizens connect with 911 call centers and other emergency response services in a quick manner. Our emergency phones run on stronger wi-fi  or analog connections than typical mobile phones. 

Mobile phones although growing more advanced, aren't as reliable as regular emergency phones in NJ for the following three reasons:

Emergency Phones in NJ
1. They can't provide alerts to a specific campus zone, floor or building. Text and phone messaging systems notify subscribers according to pre-defined database lists and have no way to tell where each subscriber is at during the time of an emergency. 

2. They do not comply with the NFPA-72 guide. The newly published National Fire Protection Association 2010 guide illustrates how an emergency communication system (ECS) should be designed and function. According to the guide, an emergency communication system should provide area specific information and instructions to people in a building, area or site using intelligible voice communication methods and should include instantaneous visible signals, text and graphics.

3. They are too slow and use an unreliable infrastructure for real emergency situations. Sometimes data plans can get used up and whomever is in need of help can't contact anyone in a timely manner. 

Many campuses are beginning to implement new emergency phones in NJ that are based on a network of Public Address speakers, alphanumeric LED displays and strobe lights. In the event of an emergency situation, this type of system will instantly issue audio and visual alerts along with pre-recorded or 'live voice' instructions which reduces confusion and injuries.

One of the most innovative systems offered today is a wireless emergency phone system that can be installed in any campus facility without the need to run wires, requiring minimal changes to the existing building structure. This system offers a central command station with a dedicated high power transmitter that can wirelessly communicate and control an unlimited number of wireless devices such as PA speakers, strobe lights and LED displays. Each of these wireless devices can instantly be activated individually or as part of a group (zone) to provide an area with a specific voice and visual messaging. The system command station can handle hundreds of pre-programmed activation scripts to instantly respond to a variety of campus emergency situations.

When every second counts, emergency phones are the most dependable solution to improve response time to emergency situations, making campuses a safer place.

For more information about our emergency phones in NJ, contact T&R Alarm Systems at 1-800-486-5019.

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