Friday, December 9, 2016

Fire Alarm Installation in NYC

Are you in need of fire alarm installation in NYC? For over forty years, T&R Alarm Systems have been providing fire alarm installation for both homes and commercial properties, including government buildings. 

If you take the installation of your fire alarm for granted, you are playing with fire. When it comes to fire, early detection can be the difference between saving or losing lives and saving properties or losing them. Here are five reasons that can assure you that the fire alarm experts at T&R will complete the job with your safety in mind:

At T&R, we have the following affiliations and certifications:
It takes more than certificate to make a good fire alarm contractor or any contractor for that matter. It is advisable you choose someone with a lot of experience. T&R has been providing property owners with fire alarm installation since 1971!

Preferred Equipment
There are many options of good products that are out there for fire alarm installation in NYC. Ask the contractor if they have any brand they work with or if you can use your preferred brand. Some of the manufacturers we carry at T&R Alarms are Evax, Harrington Signal, Secutron, Mircom, FCI, Gamewell, Fire-Lite, Silent Knight, Honeywell, Ademco, Faraday and many others.

Many factors affect the amount you are charged for fire alarm installation. When you call one of the security system experts at T&R, you will be provided for a free estimate of the cost of your work.

Safety is not in heavy machines and sophisticated technology. It begins with the way we handle little things. Your fire installation isn’t so that you scale through inspections; it is to ensure your safety from fire.
For more information about our fire alarm installation in NYC or any of our other security system services, call T&R Alarm Systems today.

T&R Alarm Systems- Your trusted source for fire alarm installation in NYC!

Monday, December 5, 2016

CCTV System Installation in NYC

Are you interested in CCTV system installation in NYC? The security system experts at T&R Alarm have provided installations for home, offices and government buildings for years. CCTV cameras play a big role in just about every industry and not just to prevent crime. We keep up to date on up-to-date security technology, so you can rest assured your property's security will be monitored correctly.

It can be integrated with other systems for monitoring automated processes, crowd control, preventing unauthorized entry and much more. When designing a system, your CCTV system installer will look at the objectives of your systems to determine the extent of the systems as well as the equipment that shall be used in the process. Here are major considerations when installing a CCTV system.

Use of Images
The uses of the images that are recorded by the CCTV cameras play a role in the selection of the system to install. It is generally recommended that you have a system that produces a resolution of more than 400 tv lines. Where the target should be identified, the images should not be less than 120% of the screen height. For recognition, the target should be at least 50% of the screen height. For monitoring and detection, the target can be less than 10% height.

Potential Threat to Be Monitored
The activity to be monitored affects the selection of cameras and technologies. Such activity can be movement, loitering, theft or heat levels (for thermal cameras).

Response Required on Detecting the Event
What do you intend to do once the event or the object has be caught by the CCTV camera? You may decide to follow the target, raise the alarm, call the security department, or engage other security systems. This determines what other systems you integrate to your CCTV system.  

Existing and Required Lighting
Lighting affects the quality of images and motion pictures collected by the system. You may be required to add in additional lighting to improve the quality of the images. If this is not possible, consider going for day and night infrared cameras.

Power Supplies
Your CCTV system should be in operation around the clock. Thus, our CCTV installers recommend that you purchase a UPS where there is none.

Transmission and Storage of Images
It is important that the recorded images be transmitted to the appropriate storage media for retrieval when needed. If the cameras are in a high-risk area or remote, they could transmit the images wirelessly. Otherwise, cabling to the DVR or the NAS is required.

It is important that cabling stays hidden to prevent easy deactivation of the cameras. You can also consider on board storage as an added feature in cases where transmission to the storage devices is severed.

For more information about our CCTV system installation in NYC, call T&R Alarm today.

T&R Alarm- Your trusted source for CCTV system installation in NYC!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Alarm Company in NJ

Are you looking for an alarm company in NJ? T&R Alarm Systems has been providing residential and commercial properties with a selection of security systems for many years. Our skilled security personal understand that every property is different and your alarm systems should be treated as such. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that your security needs are met.

Security alarms are very essential nowadays. They help detect when there are intruders on your premises as well as other risks such as flooding and fire. There has been a great advancement in the security alarms industry with sophisticated systems getting to the field. The choice of a security alarm company determines the type of systems, their quality, and capability in the market. 

Quality systems 

Quality security alarm systems are efficient, accurate and have low possibility of failing. They are systems that can not be easily damaged by malicious individuals. This ensures that they are in good working order at all times and accurately monitor the areas that they are set to monitor. 

Like any other system, the security system breaks down from time and may require immediate repairs. Delays are expensive and anyone knowing the systems do not work may try to do something malicious. This is why T&R is just a phone call away when your security systems are in need of repairs.

Bundled offers 

T&R offers security system integration to connect different forms of security into one system. We can integrate your burglar alarms, fire alarms, CCTV, intercoms and door access control systems. This bundling will only further ensure that your property is kept safe and protected.

At T&R, we have worked for many years to ensure customers receive the security they need to protect their property. We have completed security jobs for places such as NJ motor vehicle, Berkeley College, Port Authority, US Military and many more.

For more information about our alarm company in NJ or the security system services we provide, call T&R Alarm Systems today.

T&R Alarm Systems- Your trusted alarm company in NJ!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Security Camera Installation in NJ

Are you looking for security camera installation in NJ? T&R Alarm Systems has provided CCTV system installation for homes, offices and government buildings for many years. 

T&R Alarm Systems understand that the security of home and business is something that every property owner is concerned about. It is important to have a security solution that enables 24-hour monitoring of your property's premises. Security camera installation offers you a solution. 

What is the right system to choose when considering security camera installation in NJ? This guide helps you differentiate different systems and cameras in the market for ease in decision-making.

There are several types of surveillance systems in the market. The most common ones are the analogue surveillance cameras. These cameras are connected to DVR that stores the recorded videos for playback by the use of a cable. The DVR has the capacity to play back real-time videos while still storing the clips in the memory. 

The other choice of CCTV cameras is the wireless video surveillance cameras. These cameras use an internet protocol based system where each camera is assigned an IP address and connected to network-attached storage (NAS). This system eliminates the use of cable when installing the cameras. This is a feasible solution for remote areas where the use of cables may be cumbersome or susceptible to damage. 

The CCTV cameras come in different types. There are thermal cameras that detect the movement of objects using thermal imaging and mega-pixel cameras whose clarity of videos depend on the number of megapixels that the lens has. 

There are also night time cameras that contain illuminating light emitting diodes that allow the camera to take images at night. The diodes produce a kind of light that is not seen by the human eye. Thus, they can record images while remaining discreet. Some cameras lack this capability and can only work during the daytime.  

You may also consider remote monitoring capability for your surveillance system. This is the ability to access video streams even when you are not on the premises. The image and videos can be accessed by sending them over Wi-Fi to your device or having a webpage where you can view and interrogate the NAS. 

Your surveillance system can also be integrated with other security systems for enhanced capability. It can be integrated with alarm systems, fire alarms, and smoke detection systems as well as door alarms. Special software is used that sets the events that cause these alarm systems to go off. The alarm may also be triggered by the surveillance system. The alarm will dial the emergency number, turn on the siren, or call a specific number for attention.

For more information about our security camera installation in NJ or any of our other security system services, call T&R Alarm Systems today.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Trends Impacting the Global Residential Security Systems Market

The global residential security market has been continuously growing throughout the years and is only increasing more due to the expanding safety measures being put into place throughout the world. These safety measures are directly linked to the increasing incidents of safety concerns. Listed below are the trends that are vastly impacting the global residential security systems market:

Emergence of Internet Incorporated Devices:
Early security systems in NJ were solely self-contained systems that were used for specific actions. But with the emergence of the comprehensive internet that we are provided with today, there has been a notable change in the home security market. This technology now allows homeowners to be connected to more areas of the household. There are even home security systems that can detect changes in your home, such as temperature, sound and motion. The systems then extracts this information to adjust your home to your own preference. 

Remote Access Activated Devices:
We now live in a world where you can control other technology through the use of your mobile device. Home security systems can now be connected to your smart phone through the use of apps. This means that when you are away from home you still have the ability to arm and disarm your security system through the touch of a button. Your security system can also give you updates and alert you and law enforcement if something happens to be out of the ordinary. 

Collaboration with Multinational Companies:
Collaborations such as this allow multiply outlets to combine their technology and produce all-in-one security products. This causes other companies to also assist and bring forth innovative solutions to the security market. 

The aforementioned trends will only improve the global residential security systems market as the time goes. This will only help generate the sense of security you feel in your home. At T & R Alarm Systems, we also want to help you gain that sense of security, so we offer comprehensive residential security systems for a price that will work with your budget.

For more information about our security systems, and our other security services, call T & R Alarm Systems today.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

CCTV Systems Installation in NJ

Are you looking for CCTV system installation in NJOur security experts at T&R Alarm Systems understand that CCTV (closed circuit television) security systems can be complex. We keep up on new security technology, so you can be sure that you are getting up to date information on CCTV.

With the right CCTV system, you will get surveillance of the entire location. This includes the ability to zoom, capture various angles including pans and rotations, and even get motion detection sensor cameras that will follow movement picked up in the camera's red-zone.

T&R Alarm Systems have provided surveillance camera installation in NJ and the tri-state area for thousands of security applications such as:

  • CCTV for Homes
  • CCTV for Office Buildings
  • CCTV for Warehouses
  • CCTV for Military Bases
  • CCTV for Correctional Facilities
  • CCTV for College Campuses
  • CCTV for Post Offices
  • CCTV for Hospitals
  • CCTV for Government Buildings
  • Parking Lot Security Cameras

There are different packages available according to your needs and budget. Not all cameras are built the same, so you should definitely speak to our expert technicians before selecting your CCTV system. 

Call us today to discuss your options and we will send out a technician to scope out the location and get moving towards your safety and security. CCTV can prevent crime and save you trouble when it comes to maintaining the safety and security of your building. 

For more information about our CCTV system installation in NJ, call T&R Alarm Systems today. 

T&R Alarm systems- your trusted security company for CCTV system installation in NJ!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fire Alarm Inspection in NJ

Are you in need of a fire alarm inspection in NJ? T&R Alarm's professional fire alarm inspectors have over 40 years of experience readying homes and offices for emergency situations. Most people are aware of the damage a fire can cause, but this can happen faster than you think. With our fire alarm inspection in NJ, our trained fire alarm technicians ensure optimal safety of your property.

If there is a fire that occurs in your home, it is essential that your fire alarm is in proper working order and in an optimal location to prevent the fire from spreading. Our fire alarm technicians will locate the recommended positions for your fire alarm system, so if something does happen, the problem will be detected right away, minimizing the damage done to your property.

At T&R Alarm Systems, we also offer sprinkler systems. You can drop water or extinguishing fluid onto the fire, and nullify it before it gets out of control. The sprinklers help put out fires, but to ensure your safety the emergency response teams will still arrive right away.

Fires move quickly and it may be too late to act if your alarms don't go off and you notice flames. You may walk out unharmed, but what about your property? 

Don't risk anything. Get the inspection your family or your employees are entitled to. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing everything you cherish is under the proper protection.

For more information about our fire alarm inspection in NJ, call T&R Alarm today at (800) 486-5019.