Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Commercial Security Systems in NYC

How to Choose the Right Commercial Security System

Securing your commercial premises from threats is a priority to safeguard your investment. Be it an office, a warehouse or a parking lot, it is important to have a robust security system that will enable faster response to threats and provide deterrence. A commercial security system is more complex than a home security system in that it must screen entrants, provide surveillance, and alerts over a larger area.  Today at TR Alarm Systems Inc, we want to provide some insight that will serve as a guide for selecting the right commercial security systems in NYC.

Commercial Security Systems in NYC
Security needs
Different commercial premises have different security needs. A hospital’s security needs are different from those of a jewelry store. Some factors that influence your security needs are;

• Incidences of crime- What are the crime statistics in the neighborhood? Are you in a high crime neighborhood or low crime area?
• Types of crimes- what crimes are commonly committed in the neighborhood? Are threats from burglars greater than threats on employees, or assets?
• Personal safety- How likely are your employees and customers likely to be attacked for cash and other valuables?

These 3 factors will provide assessment points for the needs which the security system will address.

Installation needs
Different premises present different challenges in the installation of a security system. It is important that you assess some aspects of your premises.

•    Entrances – How many points in the premises can be used as entrances? These include windows, doors, air vents, access hatches and plumbing lines. All these points need to be secured. Determine how best to secure each entry point. What is most appropriate? Is it a lock, surveillance camera, shatterproof glass etc.?
•    Interior needs – How do you secure the interior of your premises? How do you prevent unauthorized access to certain areas? You will need to determine how to secure rooms with valuables and cash. What is most appropriate, badge access, fingerprint reader, or pin lock?
•    Lighting – lights are an integral part of the security system. You have to assess the premises to determine the points that need lighting and where to place the lights. You will also have to assess which security mechanisms blend well with the lights.

Monitoring and control
You should be able to monitor what is happening on the premises round the clock. This means installing a system that can provide alerts in real-time when you are far away from the premises, if there is no guard on site. Consider the benefits of having a mobile based security system that can show real-time images of the premises. You can also opt for a system that can be controlled from your mobile phone for quicker response.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Custom Security Systems in NJ

Today, we at TR Alarm Systems Inc want to discuss important points to consider when arranging custom security systems in NJ.

A home security system offers you the peace of mind knowing that your family and assets are secure. Installing the right security system can prove very useful when the home is threatened by malicious persons or fire. With different security systems available, you must know which is best suited for your security needs. Making the appropriate choice means that you install a security system that is affordable and functional according to your needs.

What should you consider when making the choice of a custom security system?

This is one of the key functions of a security system. You should be able to monitor what is going on at home at all times. There are three ways that security systems enable monitoring; by landline, by mobile and by internet broadband.

Monitoring by landline means that when the alarm is triggered, the signal is transmitted via landline telephone network. While this is affordable, it can be easily disabled by cutting the landline.

Custom Security Systems in NJ 
Monitoring by cellphone uses the mobile network to relay signals. An SMS alert is sent when there is an alarm.  The obvious advantage of this is that alerts can be responded to very quickly as the cellphone is usually near the user.

Monitoring by the internet uses internet connectivity to relay alerts. The biggest advantage of an internet based security system is that you can view what is going on using an Internet Protocol (IP) camera. The system can also be controlled over the internet.

Home ownership
If you are a renter, you are probably restricted in modifying a house.  A wireless security system would be more appropriate as you can install it without laying piping in the walls. If you own the house, you are free to use a wired system.

Surveillance cameras
Do you need surveillance cameras? The benefit of having cameras is that you can see what is happening at home. You can respond better to an intrusion alert. You can check if it is a harmless alert, for example, a straying pet or a high-level threat, for example, burglars at the door and respond accordingly.

Mobile alerts
Do you need to control the system using mobile commands? When making the choice for a custom security system, it is better to go for one that allows real-time remote monitoring which will enable better response to threats.

A mobile based security system is more robust and versatile. With an internet enabled smartphone, you can view what the cameras are recording when an alert comes up. Highly automated systems allow for control of the heating and lighting system from the mobile.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Intercom Systems in NYC

Nowadays, many people consider installing intercom systems, both for conveniences and security purposes. An intercom system is becoming an important part of the building, especially for those in a large house. We at TR Alarm Systems Inc specialize in installation and repair of intercom systems in NYC. We provide customized intercom services for commercial building, offices, retail stores, residential buildings, schools and more. Our different types of intercom system include:
Intercom Systems in NYC
Audio intercom systems
An audio intercom system allows people to communicate with one another from different rooms within a large building such as an office complex, school or apartment building. An external audio system lets employees or residents screen visitors from outside the property and the internal audio intercom system permit for public announcements or communication between rooms. They allow for quick conversation and announcements.

Audio/video intercom systems
Just like audio intercom system, audio/ video intercom can be installed either inside or outside your place of work, business or a home. This type of intercom system has clear sound in addition to sharp images which are made visible by a video transmitter. The advantage that audio/video intercom system has over the audio system is that it allows users to see visitors or other conversation visitors which creates an increased peace of mind and more security.

Multi-tenant telephone entry intercom systems
A telephone entry intercom system allows for direct connection to residents or office phone lines in a building. Resident or employees can communicate by making a call to the central office. This system helps in reducing telephone charges expenses. It is convenient, private and of lower cost. The dialed number remains unrevealed so you don’t need to worry about privacy

Benefits of an intercom systems
When used in different places, intercom system monitors every activity providing security and other benefits. A building with an intercom system makes it easier for the management or homeowner to check visitors first by speaking with them through the intercom system. By viewing the intercom screen, you can see who the visitor is and if they pose any danger to your property.

For a commercial building or apartments having an intercom system installed is a convenient way of communication. We will help you choose, design and install any intercom system to your commercial building, home, school or any other place you would prefer. We can install for both external and internal use on computer networks or existing phone lines.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Fire Alarm Repair in NJ

It is essential that you have fire alarms installed in your home and office buildings. In fact, it is a legal requirement. Although you have them installed, there is still the need to properly maintain and service these alarms. Properly installed fire alarms can save thousands of people every year. However, if fire alarm systems are not properly maintained, they will not function effectively.

At T&R Alarm Systems Inc, we take fire alarm repair in NJ and maintenance very seriously. We understand the important role the fire alarm plays and we do not leave anything to chance. That is why we offer comprehensive evaluations and system check of fire alarm systems.

Fire Alarm Repair in NJ
So many things could happen to a fire alarm system after it has been installed. It may not even be installed properly. More often than not, these issues are detected only after it is too late. Hiring us will prevent all of that.

Apart from the legal obligation to maintain your fire alarms, we understand that you care about safety. That is why we are not just contented with repairs. We also offer system checks and useful recommendations in maintaining your fire alarms.

We offer full service in fire alarm repairs, servicing and maintenance. Our highly-trained engineers are equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience in installation and servicing that makes them fit for the job. They are all fully certified to handle all installations and repairs.

Furthermore, our rates are very affordable, thereby giving you a cost-effective way to ensure that your fire alarms will do the needful when the need arises. We also provide necessary paperwork and documentation to prove that your fire alarm system has been repaired.

At your request, we can also come for routine checks and alarm testing at regular intervals. We also offer emergency services.

To learn more about our fire alarm repair in NJ, please call us at T&R Alarm Systems Inc at 1-800-486-5019. One of our alarm systems experts will be happy to speak to you.  

Friday, March 10, 2017

Fire Alarm Installation NYC

Fire Alarm Installation NYC 
Looking for professional fire alarm installation in NYC? Then you are at the right place. We at T&R Alarm Systems Inc do not only supply fire alarm systems to businesses and homes, but we also have experts who install the fire alarm systems following the safety rules and regulations. It is important for homes, businesses, restaurants to have a proper fire alarm system, one that is reliable and not prone to fail suddenly, and even if it does, the responsible staff should be aware of the problem. With our fire alarm installation services, we provide our clients the complete guide on how and where we are going to install the alarm systems, and how they can maintain it. It is a common misconception that once the alarm is put in place it will not ever need maintenance, therefore, we provide a complete guide to our customers on how they can take proper care of the equipment provided. Our process of Fire Alarm Installation includes analyzing the optimal location for the fire alarm, and then install the alarm systems and safety equipment on that optimal location, so that in case of emergency, our clients can take the necessary steps to solve the problem.

We supply our products to wide range of customers ranging from businesses, to industrial clients and fire installations services for home. Our installation services are just one call away, all you have to do is give us a call or email us and tell us your requirements, and our representative can be with you very soon to install a fire alarm system in home or place of business.

For more information about our fire alarm installation in NYC or to learn more about us at T&R Alarm Services Inc, please call us today at 1-800-486-5019. One of our alarm systems installation experts will be happy to speak to you. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Access Control Systems in NYC

The days where simple locks and keys provided sufficient security for your home or business are over. With advancement comes the rise in advanced security control systems. Modern access control systems not only enhance the security of the building but also improve the efficiency of the business by saving substantially in the long run. Access to modern technology has given a new dimension to security control systems. The main purpose of access checks is to restrict entry to a place. Most contemporary homes and offices are giving top priority to security and have switched over to high-tech devices. Monitoring the activities in your office or home even while you are away is possible with latest access control gadgets. These control systems provide you with much security when it comes to entering and leaving the premises of your home and place of business. With them in place, you can exercise full control over your entry and exit points.

Access Control Systems in NYC 
And cities often require an extra level of security anyway because of the higher risk associated with simply having more people in a smaller space. At T&R Alarm Systems Inc we’d like to discuss access control systems in NYC.

Getting access control systems for your business can ensure that only authorized individuals are given access to the building. These systems can also take note of the entry and exit time of the employees making it convenient for payroll purposes. Medium and large organizations find that the efficiency of the payroll department is enhanced multifold by installing devices. Installing biometric fingerprint reader, card based system can limit access into the office. This is not all the machines can control the movement of cars and other vehicles inside and outside the building. This is a valuable investment that provides a host of benefits. Access to a particular floor can be controlled using access control systems. Moreover, these devices can also cut on energy bills by disabling electricity when no one is present. These systems are recommended for any business that needs an audit trail, has employees with varying access privileges, or who has experienced threats due to lost or stolen keys. The audit trail will keep a record, with date and time, of every time a door or lock connected to the system is opened, or has an attempted opening. This can be incredibly helpful for clocking hours, keeping an eye on supplies being used, and knowing if anyone is trying to be somewhere they shouldn't. In addition, you can program a system or a card to only grant access at certain times or days. If you have a crew coming in every Wednesday evening, there is no reason for them to have access at any other times. And lost keys are a thing of the past when your system is completely computerized. With an access control system, you can delete or renew a credential in just minutes, and with no large additional operating costs.

Note that the best access control system provided by group experienced of technicians will be able to give you the control that you are looking for. When you get access control systems installed and managed by specialists, you have nothing to worry about. Our access control systems can provide solution to current and future problems. A good access control system should be capable of being effectively used on any door whose access you want to monitor. This implies that the system should be easy to install and use in both exterior and interior doors. The readers must be able to supervise and monitor what is going on with a lot of ease. The systems should be easy to install and operate without causing you much trouble; that is why you need professional help. So, if you also like to give yourself the utmost security and convenience, you should opt for access control systems and going with the various types available, you will surely find the one that you feel fits your needs.

Looking for a great access control system in NYC?  Visit us at T&R Alarm Systems Inc to see a comprehensive and effective collection of access control systems, or call us today at 1-800-486-5019.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Security Systems in NYC

We are not always available to take care of our homes or business. We need reliable security systems that ensure we are leaving our homes safe. And not just homes, business security is also really important. At T&R Alarm Systems Inc we understand your safety concerns and have been keeping up with technological advancements for security systems in NYC. Here are a few methods that we use to increase safety:

There are a few areas where we need security systems:

Residential security systems
Security Systems in NYC
It is the most common type of security system. The homes we own need to be safe when we are away. There are valuable things that cannot be left unattended, security systems are all we can rely on. The simplest and most common security systems include locks. The locks should be safe and not easily opened by another person. They can be both manual and electric. Automatic locks have also come in use. Moving on to a more advanced security system, you can install closed-circuit television cameras to monitor the house. Central locking system and CCTV monitoring are considered to be the safest and most advanced.

Commercial security systems
Multinational companies, banks, and malls require high-end security systems. So these types of security systems make use of highly advanced security to ensure safety. They use automatic access control systems, button alarms, CCTV cameras, fingerprint unlocking, card readers etc.

Now security systems are further classified as:

This kind of system alerts the certifying authority which will further contact the police. However, they have one major shortcoming, the trigger goes out through your outdoor phone lines and the intruder can cut them off in which case the alarm would not work. To overcome this, switching to mobile phones or radio is advisable. It can be used for both residential and commercial purposes.

This kind of system uses a loud siren when an intruder tries to break in. It alerts the neighbors and they further contact the police if you are not available, so your neighbors must be attentive and in the vicinity of your house at that time. It does not notify the police automatically but it is much more affordable than a monitored system. It is suitable for residential purposes. It works for most people as the loud siren drives away the intruder because nobody would want unwanted attention.

Wireless alarms
Wireless alarms are pretty easy to install and you don’t have to worry about the intruder cutting off the wires. They are extremely affordable as there are no monitoring fees. You also have the option to choose your own settings. You have the option of using sensors, laser beams, cameras or motion detectors. You will just have to change the batteries regularly and you are good to go.

For more information about T&R Alarm and our security systems in NYC we offer, please contact us today at 800-486-5019. A specialist will be happy to take your call and assist you.