Monday, January 30, 2017

Security Systems in NYC

We are not always available to take care of our homes or business. We need reliable security systems that ensure we are leaving our homes safe. And not just homes, business security is also really important. At T&R Alarm Systems Inc we understand your safety concerns and have been keeping up with technological advancements for security systems in NYC. Here are a few methods that we use to increase safety:

There are a few areas where we need security systems:

Residential security systems
Security Systems in NYC
It is the most common type of security system. The homes we own need to be safe when we are away. There are valuable things that cannot be left unattended, security systems are all we can rely on. The simplest and most common security systems include locks. The locks should be safe and not easily opened by another person. They can be both manual and electric. Automatic locks have also come in use. Moving on to a more advanced security system, you can install closed-circuit television cameras to monitor the house. Central locking system and CCTV monitoring are considered to be the safest and most advanced.

Commercial security systems
Multinational companies, banks, and malls require high-end security systems. So these types of security systems make use of highly advanced security to ensure safety. They use automatic access control systems, button alarms, CCTV cameras, fingerprint unlocking, card readers etc.

Now security systems are further classified as:

This kind of system alerts the certifying authority which will further contact the police. However, they have one major shortcoming, the trigger goes out through your outdoor phone lines and the intruder can cut them off in which case the alarm would not work. To overcome this, switching to mobile phones or radio is advisable. It can be used for both residential and commercial purposes.

This kind of system uses a loud siren when an intruder tries to break in. It alerts the neighbors and they further contact the police if you are not available, so your neighbors must be attentive and in the vicinity of your house at that time. It does not notify the police automatically but it is much more affordable than a monitored system. It is suitable for residential purposes. It works for most people as the loud siren drives away the intruder because nobody would want unwanted attention.

Wireless alarms
Wireless alarms are pretty easy to install and you don’t have to worry about the intruder cutting off the wires. They are extremely affordable as there are no monitoring fees. You also have the option to choose your own settings. You have the option of using sensors, laser beams, cameras or motion detectors. You will just have to change the batteries regularly and you are good to go.

For more information about T&R Alarm and our security systems in NYC we offer, please contact us today at 800-486-5019. A specialist will be happy to take your call and assist you. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Carbon Monoxide Detector Systems in NJ

Carbon monoxide is a very harmful chemical compound. It is colorless, odorless and tasteless which makes its detection difficult without specified equipment. It is an extremely poisonous gas that can cause serious problems. That is why we need to use detector systems that make use of different kind of sensors to notify the presence of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. At T&R Alarm Systems Inc, we want you to be safe and know there are more than a few options when selecting carbon monoxide detector systems in NJ. Here are the four major sensors used to detect carbon monoxide.

Opto-chemical sensors
Opto-chemical detectors detect carbon dioxide by changing color. They consist of a pad of a colored chemical which changes its color when it reacts with carbon monoxide. They only provide a quantitative analysis of the gas being present however. The main advantage of these detectors is that they are extremely low in cost as compared to other detectors but at the same time it is their disadvantage that they do not offer a good level of protection.

Biomimetic sensors
Carbon Monoxide Detector Systems in NJ 
A biomimetic sensor darkens in the presence of CO. The amount of darkness is proportional to the amount of carbon monoxide present in the surroundings. They make use of cyclodextrins, a chromophore, and a number of metal salts. The working is simple; they are connected to an infrared source and monitored using a photodiode. Their battery lasts 2-3 years. However, if a lithium battery is used, there will be no need to change it. Biomimetic sensors were the first to enter the market. Although they more than the rest, the particular technology they use is the only technology free from false alarms. It is highly used in large facilities like hotels, hospitals, and apartments where you cannot afford to have a false alarm. This is their biggest advantage; a minor disadvantage is their high cost.

Semiconductor sensors
The sensor is monitored by an integrated circuit. The element used as the sensor needs to be heated to a high temperature, the temperature is as high as 400 °C and the resistance of the element is monitored. The technology used in these sensors requires a large power supply. Their lifetime ranges from a few months to 10 years. Currently this technology is being used in the far east and in some areas in the USA. However, electrochemical cell technology is now replacing semiconductor sensor technology because of its advantages.

Electrochemical sensors
This particular type of sensor has a heavy presence in the United States and Europe because of its impressive features. They are basically fuel cells that produce signal current instead of producing power. The current is directly proportional to the amount of gas targeted. The amount of current measured gives an estimate of the carbon dioxide present in the surroundings. The design is fairly simple, the cell makes use of a container, electrodes, electrolyte and connecting wires. The working is same as that of an electrochemical cell, here’s what happens- Carbon monoxide is oxidized at one electrode to carbon dioxide while oxygen is consumed at the other electrode. This sensor has its own advantages as it is highly accurate and requires minimal power. It can be operated at room temperature and its biggest advantage is that it has a long lifespan.

We at T&R Alarm have been installing carbon monoxide detector systems in NJ for decades. To learn more about us or if you have any questions about our carbon monoxide detectors, please call us at 800-486-5019.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Intercom System Installation in NYC

Intercom systems are an excellent way to make sure you know who is entering your compound and are common place in homes, residential and commercial buildings. They have extensive features that fit the different needs of home and building owners. There is usually a main unit that serves as a doorbell and indoor units that allow communication between visitors and the owners. As an added layer of protection for city life, we at T&R Alarm Systems Inc strongly recommend intercom installation in NYC.
Intercom System Installation in NYC
With an intercom system, a person needs to identify themselves and the owner or staff will press an access control button from inside the building to unlock and open the door or gate. All units are available for anyone who wants to choose the one that best suits their needs. You can decide to upgrade your intercom system to work with a video surveillance for maximum security package.
What are the different intercom systems that we install?

Hardwired Intercoms
Hardwired intercoms also known as wired intercoms are named such because they are connected or wired into the main electrical system of your building. We install this type of intercom during construction and we work closely with the architect and contractor to decide and ensure that we install it at the best time possible.

It is difficult to install them after construction because you need to drill holes in the walls and insert wires. Hardwired intercoms are popular in condominiums because they are always installed during construction. It saves you lots of trouble.

Carrier-Current intercoms
This type is directly connected to your home AC power source for it to create AM frequency signals. They are similar to hardwired except for this type you can install them after construction and their quality of the audio is subpar compared to that of the hardwired system. They run on a lower frequency and their communication range is shorter, meaning they are best suited for homes.

Wireless Intercoms
This is the cheapest intercom system available. It also happens to be the simplest to install, it comprises of placing speakers where needed all around the building and they are battery powered. The biggest disadvantage of this system is interference. It sometimes picks up other wireless system signals in the vicinity and you may end up hearing other people’s conversations.

Some common features of our intercom system include:
  •          Keypad alarm system
  •          Lock/unlock doors automatically
  •          Track who entered/exited your building

Trust us at TR Alarm to install a high quality intercom system that will work for you and help keep 
you safe.

To learn more about our intercom system installation in NYC, please call us today at 800-486-5016. A security expert at T&R Alarm will be happy to speak to you.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Commercial Security Systems in NYC

For everyone who owns a business or is in charge of an organization, one of the pressing issues is how they can safeguard their investments. To ensure this, they turn their attention to security installation companies who can help business owners install security systems in their building. The security system in place will vary according to specific needs but it generally means a network of cameras, alarms and sensors.

Whether it’s a school, warehouse, laboratory or office there is a unique system that would work for you. The system you need may be determined by the size of the building, the level of access, crime rate in the area and the assets being protected. It is essential to get a reputable company like T&R Alarm Systems Inc to assess your needs and find a fix that fits your budget. When properly installed, by an accredited company commercial security systems have immense benefits. We take a look at some of these benefits of commercial security systems in NYC;

Savings on insurance
With a commercial security system in place, organizations can reap lower insurance rates as a result. The presence of a standard system would in most cases lessen the amount to be paid as insurance premium. This is because it often forms a vital requirement by insurance companies for businesses to have some form of security system. At T&R Alarms, we can arrange for the security system that suits your budget, and the needs of your business.

Protection of employees
Commercial Security Systems in NYC
For organizations to run smoothly, it is essential that employees feel safe at work. A commercial security system in place provides a sense of security for workers who spend a large part of their day at work. With quality video surveillance and alarms in place, illegal entrance into the building can be guarded against. For the system to be effective, it should be one that embraces the peculiarities and functionality of the workplace. For example, if there’s an L shaped hallway it would be beneficial to install cameras on both ends to prevent blind spots that can be taken advantage of. This is why it is necessary to have a professional preform an assessment and install your commercial security system.  Employees who have access to the system should know how to operate the system with ease with the appropriate codes being made available.

Effective monitoring
The presence of a security system in your organization provides an avenue for you to monitor the daily activities as they happen. Employee attendance claims can be verified immediately saving you time wasted over such disputes.  You can also monitor the activities of your employees which apart from keeping them on their toes will ensure quality control and boost productivity. False claims by customers will also be eliminated with a system that helps you keep track of what happens on the premise.

There are continuous improvements towards more innovative systems. Commercial security systems can now be linked to smart phones for ease of access from anywhere at any time. Video feed now comes in high definition quality that allows you a precise playback of events. With all these exciting features and equipment, all you need to do is to sit down with T&R Alarm where we can provide this service and find out what works for you.

To learn more about commercial security systems in NYC, please don’t hesitate to call 800-486-5019.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Alarm Company in New Jersey

Alarm Company: Questions, Essentials, and Emerging Trends
Hiring an alarm company isn’t just an important decision that warrants a lot of thought. There are multiple questions to consider, essential factors that the firm ought to exhibit and the question of emerging trends across the evolving industry. If you are responsible for alarms installation and security in your firm or would like to upgrade your devices, this article is for you.
According to the FBI, a home or a commercial premise is broken into and valuables destroyed or stolen in every 13 seconds in the US alone. That’s quite disgusting owing to the availability of alarm and security firms. Those who have had the jarring experience or often experience sleepless nights truly know how essential security is. T&R Alarms Systems Inc is an alarm company in New Jersey that understands the unforeseen dangers that happen behind closed doors and when there is no one there to watch.
Hiring an Alarm Company
1.    Are they professionals?
Alarm Company in New Jersey
Alongside having an accreditation, a physical office as well as an installation team, an alarm company should always have a 24/7 on-call support team. T&R Alarms, luckily offers 24/7 support—so no matter they can always be there. Accreditation means that they promote and support fair, trustworthy practices, ethics, and professionalism in the electronic security industry. A physical office where you can go in the case of a complaint completes a professional alarm company. T&R Alarm’s office can be found in Clifton, New Jersey
2.    Experience
With more years of offering security and alarm services comes the invaluable experience and perhaps a track record. T&R has been in the business of protecting people and their businesses for forty years, they understand all possible concerns and know exactly what they’re doing.
3.    Technology
As the scene is evolving, any company that has truly embraced technology in services delivery is far much better than a regular firm. Remember, there’s the real-time video surveillance, wireless home security, home automation and remote monitoring.
4.    Warranty, Insurance, and Liability
You probably know that a guarantee ensures that the alarm company trusts its products and services. However, insurance will cushion you in the case of system failures, damages, and shoddy installation practices. These three features are pretty much important if you are indeed looking to spend money on alarm installation.
5.    Reasons to Install Alarms
a)    An alarms company helps you lower the risks, as in most instances, burglars target homes and premises that are easiest to access. An alarm system acts as a preventive measure, which means that you are safer than someone without.
b)    A host of today’s alarm systems allows remote control and access, meaning that you will never have to hire someone to monitor the alarms when you are away. You can tap into the cameras, view everything and even alert the authorities in the case of a breakage.
c)    Alarm installation costs are much lower today, unlike the past, perhaps because of the emergence of alarm firms. What’s more, the business can offer to upgrade the whole system, link the ancient ones and the modern equipment and charge a small fee.
If you are looking for an alarm company and can’t quite figure out the essential features to consider, use T&R Alarm Systems, an alarm company in New Jersey that has had four decades of expertise and reputation behind it.
For more information about T&R Alarm Systems Inc, an alarm company in New Jersey please call 800-486-5019. They will be happy to assist you. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Door Access Control Systems in NYC

Are you interested in door access control systems in NYC? At T&R Alarm Systems, we design door access control systems that you have to option to alter down the line. Whether you choose to expand or have the need to control more doors, we can help you. Our professional security technicians can also provide you with the options to control other door-related parts such as, slide gates, barrier arms, overhead doors and more.

Things happen fast these days, it’s easy to fall behind, but this doesn’t have to be your story as you can leverage on the ease of technology to improve your productivity, boost your efficiency and directly increase the value of your time. If you have ever spent meaningless hours waiting for someone to show up because of the inflexibility of your door, the solution is in a door access control system. Here are five reasons you should get an access control system for your doors:

Maximum Security Guaranteed
Among its many advantages, this one stands out. It is hard, almost impossible to duplicate electronic keys and this makes your life property secure, unlike using physical keys which are quite easy to duplicate. In addition to this fact, there are access control logs in every usage of the card for future review. For this reason, cases of theft and vandalism are at an all-time low for this system and even when they occur, you can easily track the perpetrators.

Remote Operation
There are instances where you want someone to gain access to your property who does not have a key and you are not available to usher him/her in, your access control can be remotely activated to give this access. This means you don’t have to be in a particular location before people can work for you. Many managers, parents and officials and individuals need this kind of flexibility.

It Is Just One Key
This solves a major problem for many people who always find their key missing. With this one key, electronic entry or code, you gain access to all the doors you have pre-installed it in and can easily get where you are going.

You Will Never Need To Change A Lock
If a card or key is lost or a code is forgotten, it will only be erased from the database and a new one will be issued. The process is fast, safe and costs little or nothing. The consistency provided by this system also makes it hard for robbery, theft and vandalism to occur.

The system works to meet the needs of a small family or a large organization. It suits domestic as well as industrial security needs. You can create profiles that are at the level of the user. This also helps to organize and create access levels such that restricted areas that can’t be accessed without clearance. All these would be complex with physical door locks but are quite automated with the access control system.

We are as secure as we choose to be and it is better to optimize the technologies that will ensure our safety.

For more information about our door access control systems in NYC or any of our other security system services, call T&R Alarm Systems today.

T&R Alarm Systems- Your trusted source for door access control systems in NYC!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Fire Alarm Installation in NYC

Are you in need of fire alarm installation in NYC? For over forty years, T&R Alarm Systems have been providing fire alarm installation for both homes and commercial properties, including government buildings. 

If you take the installation of your fire alarm for granted, you are playing with fire. When it comes to fire, early detection can be the difference between saving or losing lives and saving properties or losing them. Here are five reasons that can assure you that the fire alarm experts at T&R will complete the job with your safety in mind:

At T&R, we have the following affiliations and certifications:
It takes more than certificate to make a good fire alarm contractor or any contractor for that matter. It is advisable you choose someone with a lot of experience. T&R has been providing property owners with fire alarm installation since 1971!

Preferred Equipment
There are many options of good products that are out there for fire alarm installation in NYC. Ask the contractor if they have any brand they work with or if you can use your preferred brand. Some of the manufacturers we carry at T&R Alarms are Evax, Harrington Signal, Secutron, Mircom, FCI, Gamewell, Fire-Lite, Silent Knight, Honeywell, Ademco, Faraday and many others.

Many factors affect the amount you are charged for fire alarm installation. When you call one of the security system experts at T&R, you will be provided for a free estimate of the cost of your work.

Safety is not in heavy machines and sophisticated technology. It begins with the way we handle little things. Your fire installation isn’t so that you scale through inspections; it is to ensure your safety from fire.
For more information about our fire alarm installation in NYC or any of our other security system services, call T&R Alarm Systems today.

T&R Alarm Systems- Your trusted source for fire alarm installation in NYC!