Friday, May 6, 2016

Wireless Alarm Systems in NJ

Five Advantages of Wireless Alarm Systems

TR Alarm assists home and commercial property owners protect their properties with optimally functioning, reliable wireless alarm systems in NJ. For the past 40 years we've evolved with the industry, incorporating innovative technology and methods into our business model to continue offering trusted alarms featuring crisp video and audio capture. We're excited about the possibilities wireless alarms bring your property, giving you more coverage than ever before! Speak with our specialists to discuss arming your property with a wireless alarm system.

Home alarm systems are a homeowners’ first line of defense against burglary and theft. Once upon a time, alarm systems were installed with wires—dozens and dozens of wires. The wires ran through walls and ceilings and into your phone. It looked messy, took days to install, and upgrades were very inconvenient.

Today, there are wireless alarm systems in NJ, which are making hardwired systems obsolete. Wireless alarm systems offer 5 advantages to today’s homeowner who is looking for reliable and convenient security option:
  1. Simple installation: With some tools, screws, and a couple of free hours, your wireless system will be up and running. Compare that to the hardwired systems which involved drilling into walls and ceilings and entire days of snaking wires through the house. Not to mention the clean up when the job was done.
  2. Battery powered: What can be simpler than a battery-powered system? No plug means one less wire to deal with. Plus, you’ll receive ample warning when it’s time to change the battery.
  3. Range: Wireless alarm systems in NJ can communicate over hundreds of feet, more than double most hardwired systems. You can even hook up several wireless systems that will work together to provide security for larger properties and farms.
  4. Price: Wireless systems have relatively low price tags. And since installation is something you can do yourself, you save big on installation fees.
  5. Easy Upgrades: When it’s time to upgrade your system, you just need to simply replace one part of your system for the newer model. You can also add more features, like video monitoring, quite easily. Wired alarms were notoriously complex to upgrade so many people just chose to live with outdated systems.
Our wireless alarm systems in NJ are available in the following areas:
If you’re thinking about a security system, then wireless is the way to go. It’s the best way to get a quality system, that’s easy to maintain, at a fair price.

For more information about wireless alarm systems in NJ, call TR Alarm at (800) 486-5019.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Fire Alarm Services NJ

Fires are perhaps the most destructive force in nature. Although water is often seen as the counterpart and most effective way to deal with the flames, we tend to disagree. We make the argument that human ingenuity is the real way to defeat fire. More than us as humans, but a timely response performed by those who have the proper tools, training, and experience to get rid of fire once and for all. Likewise, keeping up with fire alarm services in NJ ensures your safety in cases where you're not present when a fire begins. Without this, fire can just as soon rip through even a water treatment facility. In order to ensure you have the fastest response, and one most likely to handle the problem without chance for failure, you need a fire alarm.

TR Alarm specializes in expert fire alarm services in NJ. Our trained, professional technicians are capable of installing, maintaining, repairing, and inspecting your fire alarm to ensure long-lasting functionality and round-the-clock reliability. Regular fire alarm services are important to protect your assets. Keeping up with maintenance beyond installation ensures proper function, and is vital to making sure you are properly protected in the event of a fire.

A fire alarm is more than a device that has a blinking light and annoying sound when flames and smoke are detected. The real benefit of today's fire alarms are the services that come along with them. For instance, active and ready secretaries and professionals ready to dispatch fire fighters, paramedics, and other first responders to your home or commercial property. Also, fire alarms can detect more than increased temperatures and smoke in the air. They can also detect other toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, which is another deadly threat. In short, a home or office without a fire detector is as good as unprotected at all.

Why take the chance and let all that you care about fall victim to fire and its raging flames? Why allow this intense heat and penetrating reach anywhere near your family, pets, or valuables? Why stand for fire taking control over your living or working quarters? You don't have to. Ensure yours is in good working order with fire alarm services in NJ that work for you. One that makes sure you can sleep easy knowing if fire rears its ugly head, you are ready. But more importantly, so are the authorities.

We feature the following fire alarm services in NJ:
For more information about our affordable fire alarm services in NJ, call TR Alarm at (800) 486-5019.

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