Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Alarm Monitoring in NJ

Keeping your home safe is important to you. It’s also important to us. We’ve set up our business around the idea that our customers deserve to sleep easy at night with alarm monitoring in NJ. We’re sure you can agree with this premise. For over 40 years, T&R Alarm has installed protective measures to keep intruders out of your home or property. Our professional installers are dedicated to your satisfaction and safety, which is why we use industry standard equipment and leading brands to ensure your safety. 

So you’ve set up a personal alarm system in your home. This is a great first step. But who is going to monitor your alarm when you’re not home? Who will alert the authorities to any potential dangers? What about when you’re sleeping?

You may be hoping that your neighbors will notice any threats to your home, or even notice the blaring alarm. This is a nice thought. The reality is, if your neighbors were enough to protect your home, then you wouldn’t need such an alarm in the first place.

We have an expert staff trained to notice any irregularities while alarm monitoring in NJ. Aside from contacting the police or other relevant authorities in the event of danger, we will also give you a call and let you know something is awry. Don’t panic at our call, we are also taking the necessary steps to provide the right protection.

So you’re sleeping in the night and an intruder hopes to enter your home. How are you going to deal with this situation? Don’t worry. Aside from alerting the alarm, our team will be alerted as well. If the sound doesn’t scare away your unwelcomed guest, the police will do a better job. And they will be there when you need them. This sort of protection is the reason you installed the alarm in the first place.

Another item you should be aware of is the potential to be fined in the result of false alarms. Sometimes, these false alarms are out of your hands. So why are you penalized for them? We’ll help you to prevent unnecessary fines. After a phone call to explain the situation, you can simply deactivate your alarm. There’s no need for the police to get involved, unless you really need them.

The right alarm will protect your home. Even more so, you need a qualified staff dedicated to alarm monitoring in NJ on the other end. For that, you have our protection.
We provide alarm monitoring in NJ to the following counties:
We provide the professionalism, dedication, and expert installation methods necessary to keep your home protected when you need. At T&R Alarm, we believe that your safety is our concern, and we take great strides to keep you safe at home, at night, or when you're away.

For more information about alarm monitoring in NJ, call T&R Alarm today at (800) 486-5019.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Security Systems Company in NJ

A good security systems company in NJ understands the needs of its customers in their specific area, for their home or office, and works to implement unique preventative measures. At T&R Alarms, we’ve had the privilege of helping residents and business owners safeguard their valuables for over 40 years. With our experience and evolving technology, we’ve enhanced protective measures for countless people. Our leading methods and expert knowledge has made us a trusted security systems company in NJ – and one of the largest security systems companies in the tristate area.

In the United States, a burglary occurs every 15 seconds. Yes, you read that right – they happen that often. There are some simple preventative measures to take to protect yourself in some form, but convicted burglars have weighed in on the subject and they had the same thing to say: they avoided homes with security systems. Of course, you could get a large dog or lock your door (30 percent of burglars entered a home through an unlocked door), but our security systems company in NJ can give you added peace-of-mind without adding a new addition to your home, or hoping that a simple locked door will act as enough deterrent to keep burglars at bay.

When you speak with our security systems company in NJ, you can rest easy knowing that we have your safety in mind. We understand how often burglaries occur and where, which is why we offer home automated security systems to keep an eye on your home while at work, on vacation, or simply away. When you choose our security systems company in NJ, we can design an alarm system that fits your needs to protect your family and possessions.

Our security systems company in NJ has installation experience in many areas of NJ, including:

With the years of expertise, trusted name, and right equipment, T&RAlarms is the security systems company in NJ committed to your satisfaction and protection. Let us help you sleep more soundly at night. For more information about our security systems company in NJ, call us today at (800) 486-5019.

Burglar Alarm Installation in NJ

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