Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Make NJ Fire Alarm Inspections Easy And Convenient With TR Alarm

Your building's fire alarm might not be on your mind all day, but it is a critical part of keeping people and property safe. You should feel secure that this important apparatus is operating correctly all the time, and that includes meeting the rigorous standards of fire alarm inspections in NJ. TR Alarm has 40 years of experience with New Jersey fire alarm inspections and performs tests on any brand and model of fire alarm to keep your building safe and up to code.

While a battery-powered fire alarm is sufficient for a single family home, apartment complexes and office buildings require a fire alarm system that is much more comprehensive. These fire alarm inspections in New Jersey must be performed by professionals, and the TR Alarm experts offer personalized services that can accommodate anyone's needs. New Jersey laws require that alarm systems be checked frequently and completely. TR Alarms is dedicated to safety and always complies with fire protection standards during our NJ fire alarm inspections.

Contact us today for a free estimate of our fire alarm inspection in NJ. Our experts are standing by to answer questions, so give us a call today at 1-800-486-5019.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Panic Alarm System in NJ

A panic alarm system in NJ is a good thing to have in case of a burglary. When activated, it will send a signal to alert the police or security of an emergency situation. T&R Alarm Systems Inc is a professional security company that has over 40 years of experience in installing duress alarms and security systems.

A NJ panic alarm system has several uses. Panic buttons installed in cashier stations, building lobbies and customer service ares. They can be pressed to silently alert authorities of:

  • Panic alarm system for burglaries
  • Panic alarm system for medical emergencies
  • Panic alarm system for car invasions

T&R Alarm Systems Inc has worked in many high profile places to install security cameras and alarm systems. We have worked in to install panic alarm systems in schools and panic alarm systems in universities as well as panic alarm systems in other government buildings and panic alarm systems in industrial facilities.

Our highly trained technicians are experienced to set up the security systems the best possible ways. There are many factors that affect how cameras should be set up. We will take everything into account while installing security systems.

If you would like more information on any of our services, including installation of panic alarm systems in NJ, call T&R Alarm System Inc at 1-800-486-5019.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fire Alarm Testing in NJ

If you own a single family home, a single battery powered smoke detector is sufficient for fire prevention. However, if you own a business or apartment building, there are strict regulations and fire codes that must be adhered to. If these standards are not met, your building could be shut down. T&R Alarm System Inc is a professional security company that is familiar with every fire code and can perform thorough fire alarm testing in NJ to make sure that your building is prepared to pass any fire inspection.

T&R Alarm System Inc is staffed with highly skilled and experienced technicians who are qualified to perform NFPA 72 fire alarm code inspections. By doing the proper fire alarm testing in NJ, we check to make sure that everything is wired correctly. Larger buildings have many more regulations than most. We will ensure that every regulation is met.

If you would like more information on any of the NJ fire alarm testing that we perform, including the NFPA 72 fire alarm code, call T&R Alarm System Inc at 1-800-486-5019 for a free quote.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Feel safer with Newark NJ's Parking Lot Security Cameras

Did you know that there will be a new law that requires the installation of security cameras in Newark NJ parking lots? Here at T&R Alarm Systems Inc., we have fully acquainted ourselves with this new law and understand the importance of security cameras. We will install your new high-tech security cameras for an affordable price.

Video surveillance in public places is used to discourage crime and promote safety. At T&R Alarm Systems Inc., we have been providing security cameras in NJ for a variety of clients, including CCTV for homes, CCTV for business and CCTV for government buildings. The cameras we provide can perform many functions, but the ultimate purpose they serve is to keep people feeling safe at all times.

When dealing with parking lot security camera installation, we take many factors into consideration such as motion levels, field of vision, internet connectivity, storage space, bandwidth requirements and more. We also offer surveillance camera inspection and surveillance camera maintenance once the system has been installed. As security professionals who have served the tri-state area and beyond for 40 years, we provide effective surveillance installation and surveillance maintenance. 

For more information on parking lot security cameras in Newark from T&R Alarm Systems Inc., call us today at 1-800-486-5019. Our affordable cameras will keep you safe.

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