Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Burglar Alarm Installation in NJ

Are you looking for Burglar Alarm Installation in NJ? For over 40 years, T&R Alarm Systems Inc. has installed, upgraded, replaced and serviced many burglar alarms for residential and commercial buildings located in New Jersey. 

Burglar alarms are an undeniable necessity for any home as they are an integral part of many security measures taken by homeowners in New Jersey. The effectiveness of a burglar alarm is irrefutable. They provide homeowners with peace of mind knowing that their home is secure, whether they are home at night sleeping or thousands of miles away on vacation. 

Nowadays, burglar alarms can put a stop to a burglary before one even occurs. Burglars often get scared away if they detect a home has a burglar alarm system. If they are bold enough to still attempt to infiltrate your home, they tend to flee at the sound of an alarm knowing that it will draw the attention of surrounding neighbors as well as police. Burglar alarm systems can also increase your home’s property value as well as decrease the cost of your homeowner’s insurance. When people are looking to buy a home, they tend to favor homes with increased security. Minimal threat of potential home invasion is a clear benefit for many families, especially those with small children. The more secure your home is, the less likely it is to be targeted by burglars, therefore potentially decreasing your insurance premium. 

The overall and most favorable benefit of installing a burglar alarm system is the level of comfort that will give you. Nothing compares to the feeling of knowing that no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing, your home, your family, and your prized possessions are safe and secure from home intruders. At TR Alarm Systems, we pride ourselves on restoring families’ peace of mind by installing secure burglar alarm systems in New Jersey. The installment and usage of a burglar alarm cannot be understated, we will evaluate your home to determine the proper placement, brand, and style of alarm best suited your home. Our burglar alarm systems come in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate the style of your home. Ensure your peace of mind with a free estimate on burglar alarm installation for your New Jersey. 

Our years of experience mean we can solve any kind of safety or security problem you may have. For more information about Burglar Alarm Installation in NJ, call T&R Alarm System at: 1-800-486-5019. 

T&R Alarm System – Your trusted source for Burglar Alarm Installation in NJ

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Fire Alarm Installation in NJ

Are you looking for a fire alarm installation in NJ for your home or office? At T/R Alarm, our NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) certified personnel have been trusted to install fire alarm systems in NJ for commercial and institutional building such as hospital alarm systems, nursing home alarm systems, educational facility alarm systems, government facility alarm systems, alarm systems for high-rise buildings and other business located across the New Jersey Area.

With the rise of fires in our area becoming more frequent, having a safe, up to date fire alarm system is a must for any new business or home being built. There are many advancements that improve the way alarms detect fire or smoke that feature detection and notification in the event of a fire.

With the use of video smoke detection, our digital cameras can detect images of smoke to firefighter or first responders for a safe and efficient way to extinguish the fire and to found out the cause. When the camera detects smoke or fire, the image is scanned through a computer system that will send an alarm to those necessary. This video smoke detection can read color, contrast and the density of the smoke.

Adding new features to your existing fire alarm in necessary to keep up with the building codes and will keep everyone notified when an emergency occurs.

At TR Alarm, our trained security technicians have the expertise to install a fire security system that will stand up to any fire emergency.

For more information on how to improve your fire alarm system or questions about our fire alarm installation in NJ service, call T/R Alarm today at: 1-800-486-5019.

T/R Alarm Systems – Your trusted source for Fire Alarm Installation in NJ

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Green Energy Installation in NJ

Are you looking for commercial green energy installation in NJ? T&R Alarm Systems, Inc is a security provider that provides the latest advancement of modern security systems and industrial industries, T&R Alarm Systems provides green energy installation in NJ.

With rising utilities costs on your monthly gas and electric services, more homeowners and businesses are looking for an alternative energy source. There have been many advancements in developing alternative energy from natural sources from sun and wind to operate our machines, electronics and to cool or heat our homes and offices.  These advancements have made transforming many homes and offices from relying on gas or oil to using a natural, cleaner source of energy much easier and affordable than in the past.

Since 2010, the average cost of solar PV panels has dropped more than 60% and the cost of a solar electric system has dropped by about 50%. These reduction in prices have entice many home and business owners to switch to green energy for their homes and offices.

The actual installation of a solar panel system will only take a few days. The exact time depends on several factors such as whether the panels will be attached to your roof or from the ground to a power converter outside. In some cases, the structure that is getting the solar panels might need to be altered and upgraded include re-roofing, replacing the electric panels, or reinforcing your roof to ensure that can withstand the additional weight of solar equipment. Many of these upgrades can occur simultaneously with other additions during switching to green energy process like adding solar panels to your home or office.

 T&R Alarm has successfully helped residents and companies install advanced security systems that have protect their homes and offices for more than 40 years. Just as security systems can help companies protect their assets and fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors can help companies protect their employees, green energy installation can help companies protect their bottom line by reducing their energy bills.

To learn more about green energy installation in NJ, call T&R Alarm at 800-486-5019.

T&R Alarm Systems – You trusted company for green energy installation in NJ.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Commercial Security Systems in NJ

Are you looking for commercial security systems in NJ? T&R Alarm Systems, Inc, provides intrusion alarms, fire alarms, CCTV, intercoms/video intercoms, door access systems and elevator recall systems for commercial buildings located in New Jersey and the Tri-State area.

With many different businesses serving many purposes, there is a demand for custom commercial security systems in NJ.  Depending on the location of that business or the function that they provide to the community, each company needs a secure and safe environment. TR Alarm provides many commercial security systems services from installations, upgrades, repairs and inspections.

By installing or upgrading your CCTV (Close Circuit Television) the level of security of your business and building will increase. CCTV are a very popular and useful security tool because all the floors and hallways will always be monitored and recorded. CCTVs are available in many functions and can be altered to fit your commercial security system needs.

Another security system needs for your business are Intercoms because they increase security and make communication easier. Depending on the size of your building and the security that you already have, there will most likely be somebody on the first floor who signs people in and out and checks the cameras for activity. With the use of an intercom, nobody can enter unless given permission by the person they are visiting. This commercial security installation can save you the trouble of dealing with unwanted visitors and solicitors.

Installing a door access control system in your building, your safety and convenience will be upgraded. This commercial security installation is convenient because you will never have to worry about keeping your office doors unlocked. With door access control, the door locks automatically when leave and will open by using a access card or code. Door access control will allow you to change a code or access card instead of locks and keys. This added security convenience will monitor who enters and leave in the building at a certain time. 

We will evaluate your commercial building to determine the proper placement, brand and style of alarm system suited for you. Our collective expertise and years of experience mean we can solve any kind of safety or security problem you may have.

For more information about commercial security systems in NJ, call T&R Alarm Systems Inc. at: 1-800-486-5019

T&R Alarm Systems Inc. – Your trusted source for commercial security systems in NJ.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Are you looking to install a custom security system in NJ for your home or office? At T&R Alarm Systems Inc., our security system professionals can build and install a custom security system in NJ tailored to maximize the protection on your home or commercial property.

If you live in NJ and have asked yourself if you really need a custom security system to protect your home, you can bet you do. Installing a custom security system for your home and office can help you to prevent theft, or to intercept it if necessary.

There is actually more to a custom security system than just preventing petty theft. Of course, the main advantage is the security it offers. Thanks to a custom security system, your house will be protected 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

It can come with anti-theft alarms, surveillance cameras, motion detector, fire alarm, flood alarm, carbon monoxide detector in case of gas leaks, and more. A custom security system can be customized to fit your specific needs and preferences.

With a custom security system, you can save on home insurance. Most insurance policies offer much cheaper rates if you have a custom security system at home. In turn, by having good insurance, you can get bonuses on mortgages and loans. It keeps getting better and better.

Besides this, a custom security system gives you peace of mind. There is nothing like the peace of mind you have just knowing that you, your family (or your employees, if it is an office) and your properties are safe, because you have done the right thing.

The place of a custom security system cannot be emphasized in the home or the office. So, what are some companies you can trust to provide reliable custom security systems for your home and office?

T&R Alarm Systems Inc. work with their clients to craft the most fitting system that would be able to optimally protect the property.

Your home deserves the maximum security. When you install a custom security system in your home, you are keeping your family safe as a whole. That alone is worth it all.

At T&R Alarm Systems Inc., we understand that every home and business’s security needs are different. We create custom security systems and custom alarm systems to fit your property’s exact specifications.

For more information about custom security system in NJ for your home or office, contact T&R Alarm Systems Inc. at 1-800-486-5019.

T&R Alarm Systems Inc - Your trusted source for custom security system in NJ.

Burglar Alarm Installation in NJ

Are you looking for Burglar Alarm Installation in NJ ? For over 40 years, T&R Alarm Systems Inc. has installed, upgraded, replaced and ...