Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fire Alarm Company in NJ

Does your business or home have a functional fire alarm in place? If the answer is "no," then it's something you should start to think about - and sooner rather than later. TR Alarm is one of many fire alarm companies in NJ that can help. Our fire alarm maintenance contracts can cover all aspects of fire safety including: the testing and repair of the alarm system, fire telephones, emergency lighting and fire extinguisher inspection. You must also ensure there is a nominated 'responsible person' on your staff who is in charge of fire safety and scheduling the necessary alarm servicing and maintenance.

Fire Alarm Company in NJ
You've probably got a fire detection system installed and gone through the whole arduous process of lengthy assessments, the installation and acceptance plus you've possibly had the unique service carried out on your system. However, all of this could prove futile if it's not meticulously maintained. It can be a potential lifesaver, so it's essential to implement a service schedule to ensure your fire alarm maintenance is regular, consistent and always up-to-date. It should be an integral part of your fire protection strategy. Any fire alarm maintenance should be undertaken by our professional fire alarm specialists, and a log should be completed and kept on site at all times.

If a fire occurs, regardless of whether you have a fire detection or protection system installed in your building, your insurance company will judge the outcome of any claim based on whether or not the system was adequately maintained and operational at the time of the incident. So, it makes sense to invest some money now and have more peace of mind should the worst happen.

It is a legal requirement to have a functional fire alarm system installed in homes and businesses. It is important to have your system regularly checked by a professional fire alarm company in NJ. For that reason, we recommend starting a fire alarm maintenance contract with TR Alarm.

To learn more about our fire alarm company in NJ, please call us today at 1-800-486-5019. One of our fire alarm specialists will be happy to speak to you. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Intercom System Installation NYC

An intercom system can be used at an industrial park, in the office, at hospitals or at home to facilitate communication independent of the telephone system. An intercom is generally a closed circuit and facilitates communication in a limited area. However, it can be linked with other security systems such as door sensors, access control, and CCTV system. The choice of the intercom system to use depends on the areas that you want to facilitate communication, the kind of integrations you want as well as the cost you are willing to take for the installation of the system. Different brands will vary in cost. 

Today at TR Alarm Systems Inc we want to discuss the ins and outs of our intercoms and intercom system installation in NYC.  

Intercom System Installation NYC 
The base station
This is the main control point for the whole system. Every other part of the intercom system are connected to the base station. In intercom systems that are divided into zones, the base station has the ability to broadcast messages to all the zones or some of the zones. 

Intercom Substation
The substations are also referred to as the speakers. They broadcast one-way communication from the base station. Therefore, they have neither the microphones nor the buttons for use by the people on this end. Substations are used in malls, train stations, schools, and airport to give direction or instructions in the daily operations. At home, a substation may be placed in the parent room if they are monitoring the baby who is in a different room. Therefore, the parent can hear the baby, but the baby does not hear the parents from the other end. 

These parts of the intercom connect to the base or master station. They include the headsets; wall mounted system and handsets. They have a push a talk button that enables communication to the base station.  

It is important to have an intercom system installed by qualified installers such as us at TR Alarm Systems Inc for efficient functionality. Much of the installation work involves setting up the stations and substations and wiring them to the base station. Our installers will identify the location for the mounting of these parts, installs them and then connects them to the base station.  

Moreover, depending on the system, they may have to configure such settings as zoning, integration to the other systems and set the access levels for the users. Most systems have an allowance for installation of additional stations when there is a need. Our installers also provide periodic maintenance of the system.

To learn more about our intercom system installation in NYC, feel free to call us today at 1-800-486-5019. One of our installation experts will be happy to speak to you. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Commercial Security Systems in NYC

A security system has become a necessity for homes, offices, workplaces and business headquarters these days since the risk of potential intruders breaking is ever rising. Under such situations, it is important that our security system can be relied upon. It should immune our offices well in the cause of a possible theft or intrusion. You shall feel more secure and satisfied if you have an idea of how a commercial security system works and you know exactly what to do or who to call in case something goes wrong. Today we at TR Alarm Systems Inc wish to break down the basics of commercial security systems in NYC

Commercial Security Systems in NYC 
The basic composition of a security system
A general security system comprises of the following components:
  • A controller or control panel that is programmed to manage the entire system
  • Sensors put on windows and doors
  • Motion sensors put both inside and outside 
  • Security cameras, both wired and wireless
  • A loud and effective alarm system 

The working process
The control panel as the name suggests is the main controller of the entire system. It is a computer that communicates with all of its components and performs the necessary action needed. It monitors the entire house or building and orders each component how and when to perform a particular task, to arm or disarm etc. If the control panel fails or is not efficient enough, there is no use of the cameras, sensors, and alarms working properly. 

Sensors are basically used to sense movement. The sensors put on the doors and windows will catch if they were tried to be opened from outside when the security system was on. If a window or door is suddenly or forcefully opened by the intruder, the circuit will break and trigger the siren or alarm, alarming every one of the situation. 

Motion sensors are the advanced version of the above sensors. They are used in places that contain the most valuable and expensive things. They keep the place secure by creating an invisible zone that looks out for any suspecting human movement during odd hours or whenever an unauthorized person enters the premises. It will trigger an alarm and notify us.

Cameras are necessary for a security system. They are used to record and monitor everything that is going on that a human cannot possibly do. Cameras send out live information to the control rooms and record data for authorities to watch later in case of a break-in or burglary. They also note distant areas from the property that are hard to see in case the burglar ran or covered his face. The entries and exits too are supposed to be monitored by the surveillance cameras. The cameras can be controlled, switched on and off and moved from anywhere with the help of computers and smartphones. So, you can easily have an access to your workplace when you are out and look for anything fishy.

Alarms are used to notify you and the monitoring company of a possible burglary or intrusion. They should be loud and effective in case you are sleeping. And if you are not home they should be loud enough for your neighbors to hear and come running for help. In most of the cases, a loud alarm is enough to scare the intruder away as most of them are amateurs and do not know their way around. 

Lastly, you should put on stickers and yard signs from us at TR Alarm Systems Inc. You might think that it is of no importance but by doing so, you are sending out a message that your property is protected and secure and can land anyone who tries to intrude in deep trouble. 

For more information about our commercial security systems in NYC, feel free to call us today at 1-800-486-5019. One of our security alarm experts will be happy to speak to you. 

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