Friday, August 25, 2017

Central Station Monitoring in NJ

When it comes to the safety of your home or business, it can take a lot more than simply installing a bunch of CCTV cameras around your property. You want the confidence of knowing that someone will always have eyes on the system and ensure that everything is running okay. If you are looking for that added layer of protection, you should consider getting central station monitoring in NJ. Our professional staff at T&R Alarms, can set up your central station monitoring today! 

As a professional, full-service security company, T&R Alarm Systems Inc.  has provided different levels of security measures to many satisfied clients for over 40 years. With our central station monitoring, you can rest assured that your property is being watched over by our professional security staff. If they that someone or something is on your property that shouldn't be there, they will notify you and the authorities immediately.
Central Station Monitoring in NJ

With conventional CCTV systems, you may get a notification when the inbuilt alert mechanism that detects movement, attempted break-ins, or other unwanted disturbances. However, with our central station monitoring in NJ, our security staff can detect thieves, fire and other events before the system notifies you. Our central station monitoring also comes with door access control systems and elevator recall systems, so that no matter what, your home or business is secured and protected at all times.

At T&R Alarm, we work hard to give you the security you want. Our central station monitoring in NJ will give you the peace-of-mind you deserve. Don't stress yourself any longer about whether your home or business is safe. Allow our professionals at T&R Alarm to give you the updated security system you desire.

To learn more about our central station monitoring in NJ or inquire more about our other services at T&R Alarm, contact us at 1-800-486-5019. 

T&R Alarm- Your trusted provider for Central Station Monitoring in NJ.

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