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Commercial Carbon Monoxide Detectors in NJ

Carbon monoxide, also known as CO, is a flammable gas that can potentially cause an explosion when mixed with other gases. Further, carbon monoxide poisoning is a significant risk even for those that live and work in properly ventilated areas. Carbon Monoxide is colorless, odorless and tasteless, so special devices are required for its detection. Early detection reduces exposure to this toxic gas and the likelihood of explosions

Commercial carbon monoxide detectors in NJ are specialized electronic gadgets that sense carbon monoxide in commercial and/or industrial areas.  A commercial detector is different from the devices used in residential areas because of the nature of the population and the environment.  It can be a single-gas detector or a multi-gas detector. A single-gas detector is applicable for environments that face the risk of high levels of carbon monoxide. A multi-gas detector can detect other gases aside from carbon monoxide but may have a lower detection range for CO.


The proper installation of a commercial carbon monoxide detectors in NJ should be done by a licensed professional like one of our alarm technicians at T&R Alarm Systems. There are codes and regulations that guide the installation of carbon monoxide detectors in commercial areas. Installation is done based on the specifics of the detector model and the unique nature of the environment where it is to be installed.

For very large facilities, the installation can be networked so that the alarm will go out throughout the facility if even one alarm is tripped. This will ensure that everyone within the vicinity is alerted and is able to escape to safety.

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Monitoring is done on a regular cycle after installation. To ensure optimum functionality, carbon dioxide is intentionally introduced via the sensing chamber. This process validates that your alarm system is in good working condition and that changes in the building structure and the state of the environment over time do not affect the detector’s performance.


CO devices are not designed to be prone to faults that need repairs, but the accumulation of foreign matter over time can negatively impact its sensitivity and reduce its effectiveness. If a CO detector fails to give an alarm at the appropriate time or fires off at the wrong times alarms it may be due for repair or routine maintenance.

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